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DUI Law in Stockton, CA

Being convicted of operating a vehicle while impaired by the effects of drugs or alcohol can put a serious mark on your record, but you can ask a Stockton, CA, DUI law attorney how you might be able to respond to such charges. The Law Offices of Tim F. Tuitavuki strives to protect the rights of each client who comes to us for counsel.

Our firm is fully licensed and insured, and we’re available to assist you if your case goes to trial. Arranging a meeting with us can be easy because:

  • Our practice has flexible appointment options.
  • We provide off-site consultations.
  • You can request a payment plan.

When you feel that your case deserves the individual attention of a Stockton, CA, DUI law attorney, we’re ready to hear about what happened. The Law Offices of Tim F. Tuitavuki provides counsel that’s based upon 13 years of legal practice. Contact our practice and hear more about the services we offer to clients accused of driving while intoxicated.